The Protégé - Sifu Ted Wong (1937-2010)


Sifu Ted Wong trained with Bruce Lee from 1967-1973. He had the opportunity to train with Bruce Lee at his martial arts school and privately. During the time that he trained with Bruce they became close friends. Sifu Wong received his certificate in jeet kune do directly from Bruce Lee. Sifu Wong never had any other martial arts instructor other than Bruce Lee and he continued to practice and teach the art of Jeet kune do the way that Bruce taught him for over 37 years around the world. The students of Ted Wong often call the version of Ted Wong Jeet Kune Do to differentiate the lineage of Bruce Lee's teachings.


"His final appearance was in Tulsa, OK (September 26 - 27 2010) where he attended to support the 1st TWJKD "Next Generation" event, a gathering consisting mainly of his loyal TWJKD students, coaches and instructors. An event he was proud of. He was accompanied with his wife, Simo Krina, senior mentor, Allen Joe and his wife." - Bob Landers

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